The Anacostia Avenger


Final Project Blog—The Anacostia Avenger

Timmy Waters grew up near the banks of the Anacostia River. He was a rather small and scrawny young man who spent a lot of time wishing he were bigger and stronger. Timmy had a few friends throughout childhood and early adolescence, but he was a lonely boy for the most part.

One hot summer day Timmy decided he wanted to go for a swim. The nearest community pool was over an hour away on foot, so Timmy decided he would take a dip in the Anacostia River just down the street from his house. Timmy had no idea that the Anacostia was incredibly polluted and full chemicals that would change his life forever. As soon as Timmy dove into the water his skin began to burn. He had never experienced a feeling like that before. Timmy tried to cry out for help but he could not make a sound. Suddenly he felt everything in his body tighten as gills began to tear from his neck and his hands and feet turned into webbed slimy limbs. Timmy’s skin began to take a scaly and slimy form as well. He could suddenly slide through the water very quickly.

Timmy left the river after a long cooling swim in hopes that he would turn back to his regular self when he left the water. But Timmy found that people gave him strange looks and shrieked at him as he walked by with his heavy webbed feet smacking along the ground. Timmy’s peers ignored him and he was eventually band from all public places including school. Timmy realized the only place for him to go was the river.

After a few days in the river Timmy found he had some powers beyond any he’d read about in comic books. Timmy could communicate with the life forms in the river and direct them to do what he pleased. Timmy wanted the life forms of the river to help him clean it out, so that nobody else would experience the mutation he had. Timmy absorbed the pollutants in the river into his skin and released them as oxygen. After a while the locals began to catch wind of what was going on in the Anacostia and named the mutated creature that was cleaning up the river. Timmy was forever known as “The Anacostia Avenger.”

Blog Post #2– Audi Advertisment

On February 3rd, 2013, Venables Bell & Partners created an advertisement for the German automobile distributor and manufacturer company, Audi, to premiere during the 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana. Venables Bell & Partners, in my opinion, beautifully told a great story to make their products even more appealing the general audience through its humor and general theme of bravery.

Venables Bell & Partner’s main goal with this advertisement is to make Audi products attractive by presenting the main character to become more courageous by driving his father’s Audi. The advertisement begins with the main character getting ready for his senior prom. He is a bit upset since he is going to prom without a date. His parents recognize that their son is sad because of the situation, so the father hands him the keys to an Audi automobile, and encourages his son to “have fun tonight.” As soon as the main character starts driving the Audi, his character becomes more confident, and even a bit daring, since he parks in his principal’s parking spot. He continues towards his school’s gymnasium, where he spots a pretty girl who the audience is supposed to assume is a popular girl in the school and admired by the main character. The main character smoothly walks up to the girl, gives her a romantic kiss later revealed that she enjoyed, while being cheered on by their classmates. After the kiss, the pretty girl’s prom date has just seen what had happened from a distance and is not happy one bit. The next scene reveals the main character driving back from the prom with black eye on his face, but with an even bigger grin as well—meaning it was well worth the punch in the face in order to kiss that girl.  The night turned out to be a great one after all. At the end of the advertisement, the following words appear with the logo of Audi: Bravery. It’s what defines us. Venables Bell & Partners took a not very confident boy who was not looking forward to his prom and transformed him into an outgoing, brave boy who was willing to take a risk to make his night better, all thanks to his Audi. What people will take from this advertisement is that Audi products will give you confidence and courage to take risks in life and to make a crummy situation better.

The advertisement is geared towards a youthful generation—mainly for boys and men. Men typically want a product that makes them seem cool and confident towards others. By watching this Audi advertisement, they may get the idea that driving an Audi can make them more self-assured and bold in situations that help them get what they want.

Overall, I believe Venables Bell & Partners did a great job telling a story in this advertisement for Audi. This advertisement personally stuck to me while I was watching the Super Bowl commercials, and has increased my fondness for Audi products, and probably for others as well.


Arun Raman

11310 Coral Gables Drive, North Potomac, MD, 20878 | (301)-424-3357 |


American University, Kogod School of Business                                                                       Washington, DC

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration                                                                                        

May 2016

GPA: 3.29


Common Sense, Newspaper of Thomas S. Wootton High School                                               Rockville, MD

Commons Co- Editor                                                                                                      September 2009- May 2011

  • Interviewed students and staff and wrote articles about issues, activities, and organizations on campus.
  • Took photographs at athletic and social events.
  • Designed section layout during my last year on the team.
  • Mandatory for editors to stay back and work after school until the night during deadline week of each issue.
  • Developed responsibilities and group work abilities to work as a team and finish an assignment before a deadline.

D.C. Central Kitchen                                                                                                                  Washington D.C.

Volunteer                                                                                                                         November 2011- July 2012

  • Contributed to the 5,000 meals prepared each day for distribution to homeless or low-income people in the district.
  • Served breakfast to about 200 people each session at three different sites in the district.
  • Required to wake up early in the morning and be on time to feed people who are in need.
  • Interacted with communities full of deprived and underprivileged people.
  • Taught dedication and motivation by handing out meals on a weekly basis to people who cannot afford them easily.

Learning Ally                                                                                                                               Washington D.C.

Volunteer                                                                                                                         September 2011- July 2012

  • Helped to create and edit audio recordings of books or readings.
  • Listened by students with visual impairments and learning difficulties.
  • Provided students a voice to read along with to comprehend their material effectively.
  • Gave experience with audio editing software by experimenting with different audio tracks.
  • Presented a new perspective of people who benefit from recordings to interpret their readings better.


Toastmasters International                                                                            Gaithersburg and Potomac, MD.

Toastmaster                                                                                                                          February 2012- Present

  • Prepared and presented speeches to improve public speaking, communication and leadership skills.
  • Gave feedback to other Toastmaster’s speeches on how they can improve their work for the future.
  • Member of Gene Toasters Club #4818 and Business Oriented Toastmasters Club #2279.
  • Attended club meetings in Chennai and Bangalore during a visit to India in May, 2012.
  • Introduced management and communication skills to speak efficiently in a business setting.



Computer: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Final Cut Pro, and Microsoft Suite.

Language: English (Native).